About me

Hi, I’m Thomas from Stuttgart, Germany, and I’m working since 2010 as a Product Owner for digital products.

Currently I’m salaried at Robert Bosch Smart Home in the IoT area and develop together with my team the Bosch Smart Home system further and further.

Prior I worked as a product manager for 4 years at AKAD University and was responsible for the e-learning platform “AKAD Campus”. We made a full relaunch with an external SCRUM team in Frankfurt, which has been a really intense and instructive experience.

In my early days I worked 14 years for Ernst Klett Verlag, a school book publishing house in Stuttgart. I travelled through different departments (support, marketing, e-learning), roles (webmaster, technical project manager, etc.) and IT projects. This was a great time and shaped my further working life. So a big “Thank you” at this point to this company and all of my nice colleagues!

Wait, but why?

So, you may ask yourself, what’s my motivation for this blog? It’s easy: On the one hand I want to share all my product development experiences with you, because I also want to give something back.

Besides I’m always keen for feedback for pushing myself forward. Besides, I noticed, that I digest things better when writing them down. I guess, that should be some very comprehensible reasons;-)

I’m always interested in new contacts in the product management field. So, don’t be shy and send me an e-mail.