Meet & Learn with Daimler Fleetboard

Meet up between Product People of Daimler Fleetboard & Bosch Smart Home

At the midth of May my Product Owner and Scrum Master colleagues together with our Head of development and CIO had the chance to visit Daimler Fleetboard for a mutual exchange of experiences here in Stuttgart. The contact with Fleetboard – a 100% Daimler AG subsidiary for digital solutions for the transport and logistics industry – came through Markus, one of the POs, whom I had met last year at the inspiring Productized conference in Lisbon. The idea behind this meet up was, that both companies live in a corporate environment where traditional and agile mindsets bump into today’s challenges of digitalization and disruptiveness. Weiterlesen →

My Insights Of The Mind The Product Engage 2017 In Hamburg

Afterparty Mind The Product Engage 2017 Hamburg

Afterparty on MS Stubnitz of Mind The Product Engage 2017 Hamburg

Last Friday I had the chance to visit the first Mind The Product (MTP) Engage Conference in my beloved Hamburg. The conference took place at the Katholische Akademie and accommodated round about 300 “passionate” product people like Product Owners or Product Managers and presenting 20 speakers. The “Engage” in the conference title stands for enough space for intense networking besides the talks. Weiterlesen →

“Tool Box Hero” – When Design Sprints Fail

Recently I wanted to start with my team into a new topic and so we began a design sprint together: We unpacked problems and knowledge, sketched, prioritized, prototyped, got insights out of customer interviews and found some key use cases we wanted to realize in the first place. But, we also recognized, that our users have another 1000 and 1 very individual use cases in their mind. So to say it in Chris Anderson’s words: “A long tail of use cases” (Great book, by the way)!

What to do with such findings, when you want to live a MVP approach?

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